Betty & Paul's Home Page

Welcome to our home page! We have lots of photos and things to put here, however it will take us a little time to get organized. If you know us well, maybe you'll want to bookmark this page and visit periodically. For now, Paul is designing this page in a nice, systematic, structured manner. Check in again sometime in the near future to see what Betty's aesthetic hand has done to improve the looks!
Wedding Wedding: we got married on October 10, 1999 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. For those of you who haven't had a chance to see our pictures, we have a few to show (you'll have to visit us in person to see the rest!)
Honeymn Honeymoon: after we got married we took off for a long (almost eight week!) honeymoon to all parts of the world. We didn't spend the whole time taking pictures, but we did manage to get the occasional good photo.
Paul Paul's Home Page: an overview of some of the things on Paul's home page, interests, other links etc.
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Betty Betty's Home Page: an overview of Betty's interests and current activities.
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