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University of Waterloo
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Complete List of Journal Papers:

A complete list of journal publications, in reverse chronological order. In general these files are relatively long; interested people may want to look at the research samples (conference papers and posters, links above). For a few papers, electronic versions are not available.

2010 Nezam Kachouie, Paul Fieguth, Darik Gamble, Eric Jervis, Zoheir Ezziane, Ali Khademhosseini, ``Constrained Watershed Method to Infer Morphology of Mammalian Cells in Microscopic Images,'' Accepted in 2010 for publication in {\em Cytometry A}
PDF 2010 Akshaya K Mishra, Paul Fieguth, David Clausi, ``Decoupled Active Contour (DAC) for Boundary Detection,'' Accepted in 2010 for publication in {\em IEEE PAMI}
PDF 2010 Akshaya K Mishra, Alexander Wong, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth, ``Quasi-Random Nonlinear Scale Space,'' {\em Pattern Recognition Letters} (31), pp.1850--1859, 2010
PDF 2010 Alexander Wong, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth, ``CPOL: Complex phase order likelihood as a similarity measure for MR-CT registration,'' {\em Medical Image Analysis} (14) \#1, pp.50--57, 2010
2009 Alexander Wong, Akshaya Mishra, Justin Yates, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth, and Jack Callaghan, ``Intervertebral Disc Segmentation and Volumetric Reconstruction from Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Imaging,'' {\em IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering} (56) \#11, pp.2748--2751, 2009
PDF 2009 A. Mohebi, P. Fieguth, M. Ioannidis, ``Statistical Fusion of Two-Scale Images of Porous Media,'' {\em Advances in Water Resources} (32), pp.1567--1579, 2009
PDF 2009 S.\ Alexander, P.\ Fieguth, M.\ Ioannidis, E.\ Vrscay, ``Hierarchical Annealing for Synthesis of Binary Porous Media Images,'' {\em Mathematical Geosciences} (41) \#4, p.357, 2009
2008 N. Kachouie, P. Fieguth, ``Extended-Hungarian-JPDA: Exact Single-Frame Stem Cell Tracking,'' Accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering
PDF 2008 P. Fieguth, ``Hierarchical Posterior Sampling for Gauss-Markov Random Fields,'' Accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. Image Processing
2008 N.\ Kachouie, P.\ Fieguth, J.\ Ramunas, E.\ Jervis, ``Probabilistic Model-Based Cell Tracking'', Accepted for publication in {\em International Journal of Biomedical Imaging}
2007 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Morphological Segmentation and Classification of Underground Pipe Images,'' Accepted for publication in Machine Vision and Applications
PDF 2006 F. Jin, P. Fieguth, L. Winger, ``Wavelet Video Denoising with Regularized Multiresolution Motion Estimation,'' EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing (2006), Article 72705, 2006
2005 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Segmentation of Buried Concrete Pipe Images'', Accepted for publication in Automation in Construction
2005 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Automated Detection of Crack Defects in Buried Concrete Pipe Images'', Accepted for publication in Automation in Construction
2005 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Neuro-Fuzzy Network for the Classification of Buried Pipe Defects'', Accepted for publication in Automation in Construction
PS PDF 2005 F. Khellah, P. Fieguth, J. Murray, M. Allen, STATISTICAL PROCESSING OF LARGE IMAGE SEQUENCES, IEEE Image Processing (14) #1, pp.80--93, 2005
H. Venema, P. Calamai, P. Fieguth, Forest structure optimization using evolutionary programming and landscape ecology metrics, European J. of Operations Research
PS PDF 2003 P. Fieguth, D. Menemenlis, I. Fukumori, Mapping and Pseudo-Inverse Algorithms for Ocean Data Assimilation, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (41) #1, pp.43--51, 2003
2003 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, M.A. Polak, Computer Vision Techniques for Automatic Structural Assessment of Underground Pipes, Computer Aided Civil & Infrastructure Engineering (18) #2, 2003
PS PDF 2002 G. Carballo, P. Fieguth, Multiresolution Network Flow Phase Unwrapping, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing
PS PDF 2002 P. Fieguth, T. Simpson, Automated Measurement of Bulbar Redness, Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science (43), pp.340 347, 2002
PS PDF 2001 P. Fieguth, Multiply-Rooted Multiscale Models for Large-Scale Estimation, IEEE Image Processing (10) #11, pp.1676--1686, 2001
PS PDF 2001 T. Ho, P. Fieguth, A. Willsky, Computationally Efficient Steady-State Multiscale Estimation for 1-D Diffusion Processes, Automatica (37), pp.325 340, 2001
PS PDF 2000 G. Carballo, P. Fieguth, Probabilistic Cost Functions for Network Flow Phase Unwrapping, IEEE Geoscience & Remote Sensing (38) #5, pp.2192-2201, 2000
2000 M. Schneider, P. Fieguth, W. Karl, A. Willsky, Multiscale Statistical Methods for the Segmentation of Signals and Images, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (9) #3, pp.456--468, 2000
PS 1998 P. Fieguth,W. Karl, A.Willsky, Efficient Multiresolution Counterparts to Variational Methods for Surface Reconstruction, Computer Vision & Image Understanding (70) #2, pp.157 176, 1998
PS 1998 P. Fieguth, D. Menemenlis, T. Ho, A.Willsky, C.Wunsch, Mapping Mediterranean Altimeter Data with a Multiresolution Optimal Interpolation Algorithm, J. Oceanic and Atmospheric Technology (15), pp.535 546, 1998
PS PDF 1997 P. Fieguth, D. Menemenlis, C. Wunsch, A. Willsky, Adaptation of a Fast Optimal Interpolation Algorithm to the Mapping of Oceanographic Data, Journal of Geophysical Research (102) #C5, pp.10573 10584, 1997
PS PDF 1997 W. Irving, P. Fieguth, A. Willsky, An Overlapping Tree Approach to Multiscale Stochastic Modeling and Estimation, IEEE Trans. Image Processing (6) #11, pp.1517 1529, 1997
1996 M. Schwartz, J. Barrett, P. Fieguth, P. Rosencranz, M. Spina, D. Staelin, Observations of Thermal and Precipitation Structure in a Tropical Cyclone by Means of Passive Microwave Imagery near 118GHz, Journal of Applied Meteorology (35) #5, pp.671--678, 1996
1996 P. Fieguth, A. Willsky, Fractal Estimation using Models on Multiscale Trees, IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing (44) #5, pp.1297--1300, 1996.
PS 1995 P. Fieguth, W. Karl, A. Willsky, C. Wunsch, Multiresolution Optimal Interpolation and Statistical Analysis of Topex/Poseidon Satellite Altimetry, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (33) #2, pp.280-292, 1995
1994 P. Fieguth, D. Staelin, High-accuracy profiler that uses depth from focus, Applied Optics, (33) #4, pp.686--689, 1994

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