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Paul Fieguth
Dept. of Systems Design Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4567 x84970
FAX: (519) 746-4791

Textbook on Statistical Image Processing:

I have a dedicated page for my textbook on Statistical Image Processing and Multidimensional Modeling.

Samples of Current Research Projects:

The following samples, mainly conference papers, give an overview of my current set of interdisciplinary research projects. In some cases conference posters are available, which give a convenient, snapshot overview. Most of these papers are described in greater detail in the journal articles and theses listed further down on this page.

As much as possible, the following list reflects only current projects.
A complete list of all conference papers and posters of all current and past projects is also available, here.

POST Snakes & Adaptive Contours: This poster looks at a highly effective adaptive contour, using curve-based importance sampling, and using the Viterbi method from dynamic programming.
POST Posterior Sampling: The sampling of random fields, particularly useful for irregular images found in scientific imaging. Here an application to porous media.
PS PDF POST Wavelets & Statistics: Wavelets are widely used in signal and image processing, however relatively little is known about the statistical relationships which are obeyed.
PDF POST Colour Image Segmentation: New work in using Markov Random Fields for the segmentation of colour images. In particular, images with saturation or specular highlights, which confuse standard approaches to segmentation.
PS PDF POST SAR Interferometry Phase Unwrapping: Recent collaborative effort in approaching the problem of SAR interferometry using a statistical and hierarchical approach. In collaboration with the University of Montevideo, Uruguay.
PS Hierarchical Estimation: A new approach to statistical hierarchical estimation, seeking to construct an overlapping tree. In collaboration with Bill Irving, MIT.
PS POST Remote Sensing: Estimating random fields and mapping problems for remote sensing. In collaboration with Dimitris Menemenlis, MIT (now at JPL).
PS PDF Data Fusion: A first look at satellite data fusion, in this case fusing the infrared information of the ocean surface collected by two different satellites. In collaboration with Oxford University / Rutherford Labs, United Kingdom.
PS PDF POST Hierarchical Estimation: Recent research work of my own, proposing a new class of hierarhical statistical trees, in which a tree is modified to have several roots, each of which is reponsible only for the subset of the given domain.
PS POST Dynamic Estimation: A modification of the hierarhical estimation method to allow dynamic estimation, here applied to oceanography. In collaboration with Terrence Ho, MIT.
PS PS Image Databases: A research problem to identify / recognize a given diamond from a database of millions of catalogued diamonds, for the purpose of preventing theft. In collaboration with GemPrint, Toronto.

Recent Journal Articles:

A subset of my journal publications follow. In general these files are relatively long; interested people may want to look at the samples, above, which tend to be smaller files and download more quickly.
A complete list of journal papers and full references is also available.

2010 Nezam Kachouie, Paul Fieguth, Darik Gamble, Eric Jervis, Zoheir Ezziane, Ali Khademhosseini, ``Constrained Watershed Method to Infer Morphology of Mammalian Cells in Microscopic Images,'' Accepted in 2010 for publication in {\em Cytometry A}
PDF 2010 Akshaya K Mishra, Paul Fieguth, David Clausi, ``Decoupled Active Contour (DAC) for Boundary Detection,'' Accepted in 2010 for publication in {\em IEEE PAMI}
PDF 2010 Akshaya K Mishra, Alexander Wong, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth, ``Quasi-Random Nonlinear Scale Space,'' {\em Pattern Recognition Letters} (31), pp.1850--1859, 2010
PDF 2010 Alexander Wong, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth, ``CPOL: Complex phase order likelihood as a similarity measure for MR-CT registration,'' {\em Medical Image Analysis} (14) \#1, pp.50--57, 2010
2009 Alexander Wong, Akshaya Mishra, Justin Yates, David Clausi, Paul Fieguth, and Jack Callaghan, ``Intervertebral Disc Segmentation and Volumetric Reconstruction from Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Imaging,'' {\em IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering} (56) \#11, pp.2748--2751, 2009
PDF 2009 A. Mohebi, P. Fieguth, M. Ioannidis, ``Statistical Fusion of Two-Scale Images of Porous Media,'' {\em Advances in Water Resources} (32), pp.1567--1579, 2009
PDF 2009 S.\ Alexander, P.\ Fieguth, M.\ Ioannidis, E.\ Vrscay, ``Hierarchical Annealing for Synthesis of Binary Porous Media Images,'' {\em Mathematical Geosciences} (41) \#4, p.357, 2009
2008 N. Kachouie, P. Fieguth, ``Extended-Hungarian-JPDA: Exact Single-Frame Stem Cell Tracking,'' Accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Engineering
PDF 2008 P. Fieguth, ``Hierarchical Posterior Sampling for Gauss-Markov Random Fields,'' Accepted for publication in IEEE Trans. Image Processing
2008 N.\ Kachouie, P.\ Fieguth, J.\ Ramunas, E.\ Jervis, ``Probabilistic Model-Based Cell Tracking'', Accepted for publication in {\em International Journal of Biomedical Imaging}
2007 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Morphological Segmentation and Classification of Underground Pipe Images,'' Accepted for publication in Machine Vision and Applications
PDF 2006 F. Jin, P. Fieguth, L. Winger, ``Wavelet Video Denoising with Regularized Multiresolution Motion Estimation,'' EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing (2006), Article 72705, 2006
2005 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Segmentation of Buried Concrete Pipe Images'', Accepted for publication in Automation in Construction
2005 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Automated Detection of Crack Defects in Buried Concrete Pipe Images'', Accepted for publication in Automation in Construction
2005 S. Sinha, P. Fieguth, ``Neuro-Fuzzy Network for the Classification of Buried Pipe Defects'', Accepted for publication in Automation in Construction
PS PDF 2005 F. Khellah, P. Fieguth, J. Murray, M. Allen, STATISTICAL PROCESSING OF LARGE IMAGE SEQUENCES, IEEE Image Processing (14) #1, pp.80--93, 2005
PS PDF 2003 P. Fieguth, D. Menemenlis, I. Fukumori, Mapping and Pseudo-Inverse Algorithms for Ocean Data Assimilation, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing (41) #1, pp.43--51, 2003
PS PDF 2002 G. Carballo, P. Fieguth, Multiresolution Network Flow Phase Unwrapping, IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing
PS PDF 2001 P. Fieguth, Multiply-Rooted Multiscale Models for Large-Scale Estimation, IEEE Image Processing (10) #11, pp.1676--1686, 2001

Recent Theses:

The following contains theses of recent students whom I have supervised.
A complete list of theses is available.

2016 PhD Thesis: E. Barshan, Regularizing Deep Models for Visual Recognition
PDF 2016 PhD Thesis: K. Kasiri, Multi-Atlas Segmentation of Multi-Modal Brain Images
PDF 2015 PhD Thesis: A. Gawish, Multi-resolution Active Models for Image Segmentation
PDF 2013 PhD Thesis: J. Eichel, Statistical Model-Based Corneal Reconstruction
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: A. Jain, Nonparametric Neighbourhood Based Multiscale Model for Image Analysis and Understanding
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: A. Kumar, Panic Detection in Human Crowds using Sparse Coding
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: A. Jain, Nonparametric Neighbourhood Based Multiscale Models for Image Analysis and Understanding
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: W. Campaigne, Frozen State Hierarchical Annealing

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