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Paul Fieguth
Dept. of Systems Design Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4567 x84970
FAX: (519) 746-4791

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Research Overview:

My research interests lie in the domain of multidimensional signal processing and large-scale estimation problems in which the key challenge is a computational one. My research is focused on continuing the development of the theory and understanding of scale recursive estimation algorithms for multiresolution stochastic processes. Such algorithms use a statistically meaningful divide-and-conquer strategy to break large estimation problems into smaller pieces, leading to vast improvements in efficiency.

These multiscale estimation algorithms are capable of extremely fast assimilation (a more sophisticated form of averaging) of data, but suffer from a few drawbacks: it is difficult to determine the appropriate multiscale model for a given application of interest, the model assumes a time-invariant model underlying the measurements, and the estimates produced by the model often possess certain multiscale artifacts. The goal of my research has been to address these limitations in the context of a specific data assimilation problem involving a time-varying system: the shape of the surface of the world's oceans. This approach has allowed us to make a contribution to a problem in oceanography while simultaneously giving us access to an extensive data set on which to test our algorithms.

The core of my research efforts, is divided into two main components:
Interesting thesis topics and thesis funding are available in both of these areas. All past student theses are available on-line; also a subset of journal papers are available, giving more detailed information of the above research interests.

Links to Collaborating Groups:

Most of my work is with the Vision and Image Processing (VIP) group, of which I am a co-director. Other groups with which I interact are the following:

Research Students:

Current Graduate Students

Student Name Program Research Topic
Ruben Yousef Ph.D. TBD
Elnaz Barshan Ph.D. Novel Strategies in Deep Learning
Kirsten Robinson Ph.D. Agent-Based Models for Resilience
Javad Shafiee Ph.D. Deep Learning on Sparse Networks
Douglas Swanson Ph.D. TBD
Evan Bell M.A.Sc. TBD
Ian Kennedy Ph.D. TBD
Andre Carrington Ph.D. Metrics for Heterogeneous Data

Former Graduate Students

Student Name Program & Thesis Link Research Topic Current Position ...
Keyvan Kasiri Ph.D. 2016 Multi-Atlas Medical Image Segmentation Research Associate, U. Waterloo
Ahmed Gawish Ph.D. 2015 Hierarchical Features for Accurate Segmentation Research Associate, U. Waterloo
Justin Eichel Ph.D. 2013 Three-Dimensional Corneal Segmentation Miovision
Abhishek Kumar M.A.Sc. 2012 Crowd Behaviour Analysis
Aanchal Jain M.A.Sc. 2012 Image Saliency
Wes Campaigne M.A.Sc. 2012 Fast Simulation of Binary Fields
Shiva Zaboli M.A.Sc. 2011 OCT Corneal Analysis
Neil Cavan M.A.Sc. 2011 Three-Dimensional Structure from Video
Ying Liu Ph.D. 2011 Hierarchical Posterior Sampling
Alex Wong Ph.D. 2010 Medical Image Analysis Faculty Position at U. Waterloo
Akshaya Mishra Ph.D. 2010 Fast Image and Volume Segmentation Miovision
Azadeh Mohebi Ph.D. 2009 Posterior Sampling University teaching in Iran
Nezam Kachouie Ph.D. 2008 Biological Image Segmentation Faculty Position, University of Florida
Kurtis McBride MAsc 2007 Image Sequence Analysis, Car Tracking Miovision (Startup company)
Slawo Wesolkowski Ph.D. 2007 Multispectral Random Fields Canadian Government
Simon Alexander Ph.D. 2005 MRFs and Statistics Tornado Medical Systems
Zohreh Azimifar Ph.D. 2005 Wavelets and Statistics Faculty Position in Iran
Fu Jin Ph.D. 2004 Motion Estimation, 3D Denoising TanGam Gaming, Waterloo
Leo Jingyu Lee Ph.D. 2004 Dynamic Estimation of Human Acoustic Features Research Associate, U. Toronto
Mike Jamieson M.A.Sc 2002 Continuous Parameter Simulated Annealing Idee Inc, Toronto
Fakhry Khellah Ph.D. 2001 Multiscale Dynamic Estimation Prince Sultan College, Saudi Arabia
Sunil Sinha Ph.D. 2000 Automated Sewage Pipe Inspection Faculty Position - Penn State
Tai-Jing Moyung M.A.Sc. 2000 Dynamic Stereo Computer Vision MacDonald-Dettwiler Robotics, Brampton
Riyin Wan M.A.Sc. 2000 Image Databases and Diamond Images Spicer Corp., Kitchener
Gabriel Carballo Ph.D. 1999 Hierarchical Methods for Interferometric SAR Remote Sensing, Miami, FL
Anisa Yasmin Ph.D. 1999 Statistical Models for Speech Enhancement Speech Recognition, Minnesota
Terrence Ho Ph.D. 1998 Multiscale Statistics, Dynamic Estimation Booze Allen Consultants, New York
Michael Schneider S.M. 1996 Multiscale Methods for the Segmentation of Images Alphatech Inc.

(The background image shows a hierarchical quadtree which has played a fundamental role in my statistical modeling research.)

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