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Paul Fieguth
Dept. of Systems Design Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4567 x84970
FAX: (519) 746-4791

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Complete List of Theses:

The following contains all theses of students whom I have supervised (or been closely involved in advising), in reverse chronological order.

PDF 2017  PhD Thesis: J. Shafiee, Randomly-connected Non-Local Conditional Random Fields
PDF 2017  PhD Thesis: G. Mwangi, An Extension To The Principle Of Least Action For Gibbs Random Fields
PDF 2016 PhD Thesis: E. Barshan, Regularizing Deep Models for Visual Recognition
PDF 2016 PhD Thesis: K. Kasiri, Multi-Atlas Segmentation of Multi-Modal Brain Images
PDF 2015 PhD Thesis: A. Gawish, Multi-resolution Active Models for Image Segmentation
PDF 2013 PhD Thesis: J. Eichel, Statistical Model-Based Corneal Reconstruction
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: A. Kumar, Panic Detection in Human Crowds using Sparse Coding
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: A. Jain, Nonparametric Neighbourhood Based Multiscale Models for Image Analysis and Understanding
PDF 2012 MASc Thesis: W. Campaigne, Frozen State Hierarchical Annealing
PDF 2011 MASc Thesis: S. Zaboli, Optical Coherence Tomography Image Analysis of Corneal Tissue
PDF 2011 MASc Thesis: N. Cavan, Reconstruction of 3D Points from Uncalibrated Underwater Video
PDF 2011 PhD Thesis: Y. Liu, Hidden Hierarchical Markov Fields for Image Modeling
PDF 2010 PhD Thesis: A. Wong, Probabilistic complex phase representation objective function for multimodal image registration
PDF 2010 PhD Thesis: A. Mishra, Decoupled Deformable Model for 2D/3D Boundary Identification
PDF 2009 PhD Thesis: A. Mohebi, Statistical Fusion of Scientific Images
PDF 2008 PhD Thesis: N. Kachouie, Bayesian Model Based Tracking with Application to Cell Segmentation and Tracking
PDF 2007 MASc Thesis: K. McBride, Vehicle Tracking in Occlusion and Clutter
PDF 2007 PhD Thesis: S. Wesolkowski, Stochastic Nested Aggregation for Images and Random Fields
PDF 2005 PhD Thesis: S. Alexander, Multiscale Methods in Image Modelling and Image Processing
PDF 2005 PhD Thesis: Z. Azimifar, Image Models for Wavelet Domain Statistics
PDF 2004 PhD Thesis: F. Jin, Wavelet-based Image and Video Processing
PDF 2004 PhD Thesis: L. Lee, Hidden Dynamic Models for Speech Processing Applications
PDF 2002 MASc Thesis: M. Jamieson, A Continuous Gibbs Annealer for Contour Estimation
PDF 2001 PhD Thesis: K.M. Khellah, Large-Scale 2D Dynamic Estimation (note - some figures appear incorrectly in PDF file)
PDF 2000 MASc Thesis: T.J. Moyung, Incremental 3D Reconstruction Using Stereo Image Sequences
PDF 2000 PhD Thesis: S. Sinha, Automated Underground Pipe Inspection Using a Unified Image Processing and Artificial Intelligence Methodology
PDF 2000 MASc Thesis: R. Wan, Fast Retrieval Methods for Images with Significant Variations
PDF 2000 PhD Thesis: G. Carballo, Statistically-Based Multiresolution Network Flow Phase Unwrapping for SAR Interferometry
PDF 1999 PhD Thesis: A. Yasmin, Speech Enhancement Using Voice Source Models
PDF 1998 PhD Thesis: T. Ho, Multiscale Modeling and Estimation of Large-Scale Dynamic Systems
PDF 1996 MS Thesis: M. Schneider, Multiscale Methods for the Segmentation of Images
PDF 1995 PhD Thesis: P. W. Fieguth, Application of Multiscale Estimation to Large Multidimensional Imaging and Remote Sensing Problems
PDF 1993 MS Thesis: P. W. Fieguth, Range Estimation Accuracy Using Depth-From-Focus Methods --- Theory and Experiment

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