Paul Fieguth
Dept. of Systems Design Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4567 x84970
FAX: (519) 746-4791

The following software / on-line items are currently available. The projects are divided into two parts: purely recreational things, and research tools. The following tables give a brief overview; the links take you to individual project pages which give much more detail.

Recreational Projects:

Finance Finances: My retirement / financial planning program, extremely flexible, can now handle ANY set of conditions. Give it a spin! Entirely web-based; no compilation (or computer skills) neccesary.
Sundial Sundials: Download your own paper sundial, plus other plots! You can custom-design plots for various uses, and set orbital parameters for other planets etc. No astronomy or math skills needed.
Flowers Wildflowers: A huge project, entering a database of some 500+ wildflowers, plus highly flexible search criteria. Still under development, but people are welcome to test it.
Web Counters: A minor programming project -- I got fed up with hugely complicated web counters. This one is easy - compile and use. Nothing to configure.
Weather: Another minor project -- I want daily updates of past temperature and precipitation conditions. The UW station page makes you wait until the end of the month, and Environment Canada only gives you the last 24 hours.

Research Projects:

Software Category: Requirements: Keyword: Description and Link:
Unix / Research Unix / gcc Markup I have rewritten Ghostview to allow you to markup postscript files to simplify electronic collaboration. The revised source code (easy to compile under UNIX/X) is available here.
Fun / Math Matlab Ising Ising models are widely used in physics and mathematics. I was interested in doing some simple tests, however I was amazed that an Internet search turned up almost no available programs in Matlab. See the following page for FAST Matlab code, very short, easily modified, and heavily vectorized.
Plotting Matlab nice_plot The default plots in Matlab look ok, but really aren't publishing quality, particularly if the plot is reduced in size. Text is too small, axis labels are crowded, and lines are too thin. After you produce a plot, just run this function. Additional help information available in the function header.
Computing Matlab progress A simple progress meter for Matlab. If you have code that requires many iterations to run, it is nice to get an on-screen update. Instead of printing numbers onto the screen, it is much cleaner to have this progress meter which computes the time remaining. Additional help information available in the function header.
Research / Statistics Matlab / gcc Multiscale A class of multiscale estimation algorithms have been developed for the estimation of large, multi-dimensional, random fields governed by (normally) spatially smooth prior models. A variety of packages, customized to different contexts, are available here.

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