SD675 Grading

SD675 Project Grading

It is difficult to give a grading scheme for the report, since that will depend so much on the kind of report. The report should be in proper journal paper form - e.g., with an introduction, references, properly labeled figures etc.

If you are writing a paper summarizing research in the field, I'll be looking for a main body of about 12-15 pages of single-spaced 12pt text including equations, plusfigures, table of contents etc.; the final report is usually 15-25 pages in length.

Also, in general, any figures should be drawn / generated by you, not photocopied from another paper. The mark breakdown will be very roughly something like

If you're implementing an algorithm, then I won't be expecting a very long report, although probably not less than 10 pages of single-spaced 12pt (plus figures, table of contents etc, the paper probably ends up around 15-20 pages in length). If your algorithm is relatively straightforward, then I'll allocate more marks for assessment and testing. If the algorithm is challenging to implement, then I won't expect as much in the way of test results and will allocate more marks for the algorithm itself. Roughly we're looking at

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