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Paul Fieguth
Dept. of Systems Design Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo
Waterloo, Ontario
Canada N2L 3G1
Tel: (519) 888-4567 x84970
FAX: (519) 746-4791

SD675 Homepage

Class Presentation

For your presentation, please bring 18 copies of your 1-page handout (can be single or double-sided).

Your handout should be at a high level, be understandable to other students in the class. Ideally, you should include a few references for students who might want to learn more on the topic.

I have here a couple of example handouts, just to give you a rough sense of what others have done. However your handout does *not* need to look like one of these:
Handout #1: side 1, side 2. Handout #2: side 1, side 2. Handout #3: only one side

Project Handin

The project will be due on April 20th in order to have grades ready by the end of term. Projects will be accepted with *no* late penalty until May 1. Projects received after May 1 will of course be accepted, however will be subject to a modest penalty (about 2% per week).

Your project needs to represent your own work, cannot be copied from previous work (such as a thesis proposal or comprehensive exam), must be properly cited, and cannot have any material copied (plagiarism). Copying even single sentences or phrases is unacceptable.

You can submit a hardcopy in my mail slot or under my door (DC2643). You can also email me an electronic copy, but which MUST be in PDF format (no Word files!). So that I can sort and find your email easily, your email must have "675" in the subject line,
e.g., "Subject: SD675 Project"

Overview Material

Course Meeting Times: Mondays, Wednesdays 10:30-11:50, E2-1307C

P. Fieguth: Office Hours, Mondays 12-1pm, DC-2643

2009 Course Syllabus

This course is an advanced version of SY DE 372 - Introduction to Pattern Recognition. For those students lacking a background course in pattern recognition, it is recommended that you attend some or all of the SD372 lectures. The material discussed in SD675 will overlap only relatively little with that from SD372.

The course starts with a brief summary of SY DE 372: probabalistic classifiers, discriminant functions, unlabeled clustering, and feature extraction.

More advanced topics will include some information theory (as it pertains to feature extraction), statistical estimation and error analysis (relating to parameter estimation), neural networks, self-organizing maps, and syntactical/grammatical pattern recognition.

The course grade is based on a few computer labs, one or two problem sets, and a term project.

Reference Material

I have prepared a detailed reference list. This list is not required reading; just a set of references where students can find additional descriptions of course material. A number of the books are already on reserve, as indicated. Note that the books on reserve at the library are listed under the undergraduate course, SD372.

2009 Course Reference List

Assignment and Lab Information

I will keep a list of current and past assignments here:

Project Information

I'll be looking for a project proposal by February 25, 2009. I have a list of specific project topics. Students should choose one topic from the list or, if you have a some other topic of interest, please discuss it with me. What am I looking for in a proposal: What the seminar will involve at the end of the term: Further suggestions on topic selection and report writing: Students are expected to understand how to properly reference sources, how to quote text from a source, and what plagiarism is.

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