Statistical Image Processing and Multidimensional Modeling

Paul Fieguth

List of Errata

ChapterPageLocation in TextNature of Error
214Table 2.2 Phrase "those are" accidentally appears twice in the table caption.
227Section 2.3 In (2.28), the induced norm on matrix C is based on the norm of Cx, not Ax.
234Section 2.4.1 In the second sentence, it is *uniqueness* that would be satisfied, not existence.
253Problem 2.2 Part (c) should ask you to prove that *existence* fails, not uniqueness.
373Section 3.2.4 The added mean should appear in the equation preceding (3.83), and not in (3.84). The three equations should therefore look like this.
489Section 4.1.1 In (4.13), Po is the covariance of z(0), which is a random vector, not of zo, which is just a constant vector.
5146Section 5.3.3 In (5.23), the number of bands in the three braces should be 1, b, b2, rather than 1, b2, b4.
5157Section 5.5.2 In Fig. 5.13, the very first row of the array is slightly misleading. The (2 -1) constraint is a second-order constraint with a "missing" boundary value of zero; however really this does not constrain the curve to tend to zero at the boundary, rather (2 -1) is a slope constraint at the boundary.
8267Algorithm 3 Not quite an "error", but definitely misleading. The real command is needed only after the ifft projecting back to the spatial domain. We would normally not take the real part after the fft projecting into the frequency domain. I do this twice (middle and bottom) in Algorithm 3.
9304Figure 9.4 The right panel corresponds to w > 1, not to w < 1
9319Algorithm 9 In the line calculating "bc", rather than "f*" it should be function "subfn" that is called.
9324Problem 9.3(c) should actually be

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