Statistical Image Processing and Multidimensional Modeling

Paul Fieguth

Colour Figures (see also Table of Contents)

To keep the cost of the book modest, the figures in the book are published in black and white. For most figures that was ok, however there are a few figures which aren't as clear in greyscale, and which are best interpreted in colour. It is assumed that you have the text in front of you while viewing these figures, so no additional context or explanation is provided here.

Click on the bold headings to expand / collapse the individual figures.

Figure 1.3: Multidimensional Measurements(Text Page 5)
Example 3.3: Prior Mean Removal(Text Page 71)
Figure 4.8: Anomaly Estimates(Text Page 126)
Example 8.2: Overlapped Local Processing(Text Page 261)
Example 8.3: FFT and Spatial Statistics(Text Page 268)
Figure 8.17: Downsampling of two-dimensional MRFs(Text Page 280)
Figure 8.23/24: Mapping test for a global-scale problem(Text Page 286)
Example 10.1: Interpolation by Marching(Text Page 332)

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