An Introduction to Complex Systems

Paul Fieguth

List of Errata

ChapterPageLocation in TextNature of Error
29 Equation (2.2) Variable 'z' in (2.2) should have a tilde on it, not a bar.
580 Figure 5.6 Variable 'lambda' in the left panel of the figure should be 0+4i rather than 0+i
591 Problem 5.3 Variable 'lambda_1' in (5.67) should be -4, not -2.
7142 Example 7.2 The Newton / root finding image on page 143 actually corresponds to the polynomial x^6-1=0, and not x^6+1=0.
7152 Example 7.6 The description of the predator-prey model is incorrect. The example states that "However (7.18), (7.19) are, yet again, in the predator-prey class of models, consisting of an unstable fixed point surrounded by a limit cycle", however the predator-prey models consist of a centre which is surrounded by cycling behaviour. There is no limit cycle actually present. The updated example can be seen here.
8210 References for Chapter 8 The title of [12] is "The Bodélé Depression ..." (link to paper)

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