An Introduction to Complex Systems

Paul Fieguth

List of Errata

ChapterPageLocation in TextNature of Error
29 Equation (2.2) Variable 'z' in (2.2) should have a tilde on it, not a bar.
452 Example 4.2 The example diagram lacked clarity, and the left-most expression in (4.20) was missing the force of the spring. The corrected example is here.
580 Equation (5.43) The middle term in the equation is missing time variable t.
580 Figure 5.6 Variable 'lambda' in the left panel of the figure should be 0+4i rather than 0+i
591 Equation (5.60) There are double dots missing on the leftmost y and z. The correct equation is as follows:
591 Problem 5.3 Variable 'lambda_1' in (5.67) should be -4, not -2.
7141 Example 7.1 The fixed point at (0,1000) is a Stable Star, and not a Stable Node.
7142 Example 7.2 The Newton / root finding image on page 143 actually corresponds to the polynomial x^6-1=0, and not x^6+1=0.
7152 Example 7.6 The description of the predator-prey model is incorrect. The example states that "However (7.18), (7.19) are, yet again, in the predator-prey class of models, consisting of an unstable fixed point surrounded by a limit cycle", however the predator-prey models consist of a centre which is surrounded by cycling behaviour. There is no limit cycle actually present. The updated example can be seen here.
8210 References for Chapter 8 The title of [12] is "The Bodélé Depression ..." (link to paper)
9241 Problem 9.7 The vertical axis in the figure should have been "Frequency" and not "Likelihood"

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